Garden Design

Designing a garden whether big or small means putting your ideas on paper while taking into account various elements: technical, agronomic, aesthetic, economic, botanical and architectural.

A good design requires: reasoning (rationalization), feeling and knowledge.

Rationalisation allows us to transform the idea into reality, getting the most out of resources and available space and finding the best solutions.

Feeling will make it into a unique place that reflects your individuality.

Knowledge is indispensable in creating a garden that reflects every differing season with its various colours, plants and continuing visual surprises. As the year grows, so does your garden.

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Nursery Plants Gavina street, 
Selci Lama (near Bar La Sfera), 
San Giustino, 06010, PG - Italy.
Open by Appointment

Registerede Office San Giuliano street, 
Città di Castello, 06012, PG - Italy.
Mobile Laura: +39 328 0249996

Email: la.botanica@libero.it




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Nursery Plants: Street Gavina, Selci lama (near Bar La Sfera), 06010 San Giustino (PG - Italy).
Open by appointment.



Registered Office: Street San Giuliano, 24, 06012, Città di Castello (PG - Italy)



Mobile Contact: Dr. Agr. Laura Pescari: +39 328 0249996

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