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Botanica Design and Maintenance Garden is a modern dynamic companywhich applies considerable knowledge to the creation of superb landscapes.

The company is abreast of all new research and applied knowledge in the green sector allowing us to reduce waste and costs while obtaining better more sustainable results.

We specialise in planning, creating and maintenance of parks, gardens, swimming pools, terraces, outdoor structures and nursery plants.

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Address and Contact

Nursery Plants Gavina street, 
Selci Lama (near Bar La Sfera), 
San Giustino, 06010, PG - Italy.
Open by Appointment

Registerede Office San Giuliano street, 
Città di Castello, 06012, PG - Italy.
Mobile Laura: +39 328 0249996

Email: la.botanica@libero.it




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Nursery Plants: Street Gavina, Selci lama (near Bar La Sfera), 06010 San Giustino (PG - Italy).
Open by appointment.



Registered Office: Street San Giuliano, 24, 06012, Città di Castello (PG - Italy)



Mobile Contact: Dr. Agr. Laura Pescari: +39 328 0249996

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