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As a child growing up in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, Laura was enchanted by the beauty of the landscape that surrounded her, not only enjoying the wonders of nature but constantly learning more, as she grew older, about plants, flowers and the creation of gardens.
One of the highlights of her youth was accompanying her grandfather to the local market, where he sold flowers from the back of a coloured three wheeled vehicle appropriately called Ape (bee) in Italian.

In 2001 Laura received her Diploma in farm management from the Regional Government of Umbria.
By 2006 she had graduated from the University of Perugia in Agricultural Sciences, during which time she had won an Erasmus scholarship allowing her to study at the University-Polytechnic of Madrid where she also learned Spanish.

Her wide and varied experience of making her lifelong passion into her profession includes landscape gardening, teaching at technical Institutes on various aspects of botany and the maintenance of green areas, planning private and corporate gardens, decorating terraces and indoor environments as well as designing and regenerating green spaces for the general public, condominiums and private homes.

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Nursery Plants Gavina street, 
Selci Lama (near Bar La Sfera), 
San Giustino, 06010, PG - Italy.
Open by Appointment

Registerede Office San Giuliano street, 
Città di Castello, 06012, PG - Italy.
Mobile Laura: +39 328 0249996

Email: la.botanica@libero.it




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Nursery Plants: Street Gavina, Selci lama (near Bar La Sfera), 06010 San Giustino (PG - Italy).
Open by appointment.



Registered Office: Street San Giuliano, 24, 06012, Città di Castello (PG - Italy)



Mobile Contact: Dr. Agr. Laura Pescari: +39 328 0249996

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